Godbolt.org swift-nightly compilers are now really nightlies!

Unsure of the correct subforum for this.

Many of us will have heard of Compiler Explorer (godbolt.org). It's a great tool for visualising how high-level languages, such as Swift, actually get turned in to machine code by the compiler.

But you may have noticed something else - the compiler options for Swift had a "x86-64 swiftc nightly" option, which... uhm... wasn't really a nightly. In fact, it's been running a build from August 2020 all this time, so it wasn't reflecting any advances in the compiler or standard library since then! :sweat_smile:

Well - I'm happy to report that that is now fixed. So if you've noticed this issue in the past, or especially if you didn't notice it and thought you really were compiling against a nightly build - I'd encourage you to check it out again.

EDIT: Also worth mentioning: this means that you can peek around inside async functions and actors.