Getting type metadata on non-Darwin platforms

So now that Swift is ABI-stable on Darwin platforms, we can get all kinds of information by knowing the layout of type metadata. This is essentially what this library does.

For example, we could write a function that tells whether two generic types are the same nominal type:

func sameNominalTypes(_ lhs: Any.Type, _ rhs: Any.Type) -> Bool {
    let lhsMetadataPtr = unsafeBitCast(lhs, to: UnsafePointer<Int>.self)
    let rhsMetadataPtr = unsafeBitCast(rhs, to: UnsafePointer<Int>.self)
    return lhsMetadataPtr.successor().pointee == rhsMetadataPtr.successor().pointee

assert(sameNominalTypes(Array<Int>.self, Array<String>.self))
assert(!sameNominalTypes(Array<Int>.self, Optional<Int>.self))

Here we're taking advantage of the fact that metatype value is just a pointer to the type metadata, and that the nominal type descriptor pointer is stored at offset 1 in the metadata record.

So the question is can we rely on this on non-Darwin platforms, and if not, is there a better way to do this? Right now it works, but I'm not sure this won't change, since ABI stability is not guaranteed on non-Darwin platforms.
Maybe there are some functions in the Swift runtime to do this kind of querying?

Note this is only true of struct, enum, and foreign class metadata.

Thanks for pointing this out. But anyway struct is enough for me.