Getting error when integrating binary framework in SPM, Does not contain expected binary artifact

I am creating an SPM using the binary framework. I upload a zip file on the server and that link is used in SPM.

let package = Package(
name: "MyDemoPackage",
platforms: [
products: [

    name: "MyDemoPackage",
    targets: ["MyDemoPackage"]),

dependencies: [

targets: [

    name: "MyDemoPackage",
    checksum: "29725502a0b4e61c71eec3d5432ac84c")           


After compilation shows an error

Showing Recent Messages downloaded archive of binary target 'MyDemoPackage' does not contain expected binary artifact 'MyDemoPackage'.

I am unable to figure out how to resolve this error. Can anyone help me out?

Is that URL right?

Hi @lukasa yes URL is right, I just changed the URL here, It worked on different urls , the zip file is downloading, I can see that extracted files and zip file in artifact folder which is created in derived data folder .

To be clear, you're saying this URL is right? Because it's not a valid URL.

This is the url
I created localhost as https
@lukasa can you tell me what is "expected binary artifact"
As i have seen i got a folder of artifact in derive data, but what the expected binary that SPM requires

Binary targets must be distributed as xcframeworks. Is that how this is structured?