Generating mapping of ActorID to Peer in TicTacFish (Distributed Actors sample project)

In Apple's TicTacFish sample project, Step 3 provides an example of a LocalNetworkActorSystem based on Bonjour. At various points in the implementation, reference is made to building up a mapping from actor IDs to Connections/Peers, such that we can identify the correct connections to send calls and replies on (the sample project just broadcasts to all connections.) I've tried various approaches but can't get past the simple hurdle that:

  • the methods required by DistributedActorSystem (e.g., SampleLocalNetworkActorSystem.remoteCall(on:target:invocation:throwing:returning:) do not allow for additional arguments, preventing me from passing along data about the originating connection that could be used to uniquely identify the peer
  • the peer initialization happens separately from the relevant ActorID methods (e.g., SampleLocalNetworkActorSystem.resolve(id:as:), SampleLocalNetworkActorSystem.assignID(_:), SampleLocalNetworkActorSystem.actorReady(_:)) which prevents me from knowing which connection this actor initialization corresponds to.

Has anyone figured out a way to get this to work?