Generated .swiftinterface has wrong content?

I compile RxSwift (v5.0.1) on Xcode 11 beta7 with flags

-enable-library-evolution -emit-parseable-module-interface-path $(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/arm64.swiftinterface

to get a stable module interface. Then I import the generated arm64.swiftinterface file and the .a to another demo project, I got a compile error.

(update: I also used BUILD_LIBRARY_FOR_DISTRIBUTION flag method, and still got the same result. The detail steps are describe in the reply)

I wonder it may be a bug of compiler. The generated swiftinterface have the wrong content. When I add the missing init() method in the generated swiftinterface file, It runs correctly.

The header in the swiftinterface file:

// swift-interface-format-version: 1.0
// swift-compiler-version: Apple Swift version 5.1 (swiftlang-1100.0.266.1 clang-1100.0.32.1)
// swift-module-flags: -target arm64-apple-ios8.0 -enable-objc-interop -enable-library-evolution -swift-version 5 -enforce-exclusivity=checked -O -module-name RxSwift

The RxSwift source code

/// Base class for all disposables.
public class DisposeBase {
    init() {
    _ = Resources.incrementTotal()
    deinit {
    _ = Resources.decrementTotal()

public final class DisposeBag: DisposeBase {
    private var _lock = SpinLock()
    // state
    fileprivate var _disposables = [Disposable]()
    fileprivate var _isDisposed = false
    /// Constructs new empty dispose bag.
    public override init() {
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This is at least one bug and possibly two. DisposeBase doesn't have a public init, and so calling DisposeBag's init an override is incorrect from outside the module. However, I'm not sure we actually implement this correctly (where calling DisposeBag's init from a convenience initializer works without being able to see DisposeBase's init), so the broken interface is potentially protecting you from this issue.

We have a Radar for this already, but no Jira. Mind filing one? (

cc @harlanhaskins, @Slava_Pestov

I tested serval libraries and found it pretty common to get an error:

  • correct: lottie-ios, SnapKit
  • got errors: Alamofire, SwiftyJSON, RxSwift

Here's a detail description to reproduce the errors:

  1. generate a project with a framework target with cocoapods (you can use pod try XXX).
  2. set the build settings of framework target: build library for distribution to YES
  3. build the framework and got the framework file. Delete the the .swiftmodule files in the framework.
  4. make a new blank iOS demo project, and import the framework we modified last step, and add the import XXX in source files
  5. build and got errors

jira bug

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@harlanhaskins Is there a way we could opt libraries in the swift source compat suite into swiftinterface support so we can possibly catch some of these issues? I'm not sure it would have caught this specifically but it seems like that may help surface some adoption blockers

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