Gaps in build timeline

First off, I know questions regarding Xcode should be addressed to Apple's developer forum, but unless I'm misunderstanding the issue, I don't think that's the point here.

I recently took a look at our app's build timeline and found (to me) unexplainable gaps. I don't mean in the middle of compilation, either:

If this is just a defficiency in the visualization, I'm happy to take this to the dev forums. But if it's not, does anyone have an idea about what the compiler is doing during those first thirty seconds? Swift takes long enough to compile already, so I don't appreciate these further delays. I mean, why do I have to wait five seconds just for the dependency graph computation to start? It doesn't happen always, but often.

You should take this to the dev forums. In those gaps the component doing unvisualized work is probably Xcode's build system.

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