@GameDevs - Raylib for Swift is now on v4

Raylib for Swift is now updated for Raylib4
Build cross platform using Swift!

Supports Windows, Linux, and macOS.
And it's completely open source (MIT).



The »basic example« section is in C, is that intentional?

This is the only example I converted to Swift: Raylib/Sources/Example at master · STREGAsGate/Raylib · GitHub

If you are looking at Raylibs examples, every global function used in those is now a static member of Raylib in the Swift version.

The API names are identical except when Swift does it better like with arrays and strings, but they are still similar and autocomplete should suggest them.

FYI that I was converting some examples during my streams exploring the library.
There are still a bunch to go but some of the basic ones can be found in this branch. I hope it helps ;)