FW: installing swift on Windows 10

I have downloaded swift and it does not seem to open. When I click on the icon to open it a window pops up asking if I want to modify the set up…that is it..

How can I open the program?

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You are opening the toolchain installer. This installs things like the compiler and swift repl, which can be used from the command line (on Win10 use the x64 Native Tools cmd line that comes with Visual Studio).

I assume that you want to actually program with Swift? If so, you will have to follow the getting started instructions at https://swift.org/getting-started/#installing-swift (scroll down to the windows part). It's not like macOS where you can download Xcode to use Swift, you can use whatever text editor you edit .swift files, and then compile yourself from the command line. I don't think there are any IDEs like Xcode for Swift on Windows yet that can build and run entirely via the IDE.

Thanks so much!

David Ross
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I'm working on some friendlier installation instructions for Swift on Windows. You can find them, along with instructions on how to use Swift with Visual Studio Code here:

Note that this is still a work-in-progress (as is Swift on Windows), but you can get quite far already (if you keep the known issues in mind). You'll also need to use the latest snapshot, not the 5.3 release.

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Question for you what are you planning to do eventually, if you are planning to develop iOS applications then those cannot be developed on windows and you will require xcode for iOS applications. are you planning to use Swift for some other server side development?

If you are testing waters with swift then there is a cloud option of the compiler that you can use. It’s shown here: http://bit.ly/iOSLearning Check the intro video

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