Future resources or announcements (like WWDC) for CHAMP collections?

Hi! I'm trying to read a little about CHAMP collections (like TreeDictionary is built from) and how they improve over HAMT collections (like I believe Immutable JS was built from).

I tried reading through the 2015 paper[1] and more resources referenced in the original diff[2]. I feel like something a little more high-level might be a good introduction for engineers from the Apple Ecosystem that might not have seen these data structures in action before.

Any plans or potential for a WWDC lecture to go a little more in depth?

  1. https://michael.steindorfer.name/publications/oopsla15.pdf ↩︎

  2. Incubate persistent data structures by msteindorfer · Pull Request #31 · apple/swift-collections · GitHub ↩︎