Foundation is now on CMake 3.15.1!

Hello fellow developers,

This is to make ensure that others are aware of this, the slow crawl to CMake 3.15 is moving forward. This should be transparent, but a clean build is probably a wise choice. This follows on the heels of libdispatch.

In addition to simplification of the build configuration, this now allows for exported targets for foundation. This will be used to hook up Foundation into XCTest, and subsequently s-p-m to propagate build dependencies and be able to rebuild only when necessary.

I hope to address XCTest following this, which will give us a much nicer experience for building and testing the core libraries.


CC: @mishal_shah @Michael_Gottesman @millenomi



Thanks @compnerd!

This is great, thanks! FYI, I moved SwiftPM to the new build infrastructure which builds up the toolchain as it goes. This means we no longer need to propagate Foundation’s build directory to SwiftPM.

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Really love your work on this, thanks a million Saleem!

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