Foundation API surface ("hitlist") now available

Just a quick note here that I just merged a document in the Docs directory of swift-corelibs-foundation's repository that contains the full API surface of Foundation, with tags on whether they are expected to be in swift-corelibs-foundation or not.

A common question is what areas of Foundation need implementing still in s-c-f, which can be quite opaque; often, implementation was a reaction to need reports rather than a systematic effort. This document is in a format that allows interested parties to find remaining symbols and whether they are expected or not; any method that is not tagged as unsupported is an area where we welcome contributions.


Is there an interactive or rendered version of this document? Is there a particular tool for reading this format?

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Looks like a big text file with explanatory text and an outline format for each Foundation data type and annotations about implementation status.

Right, I just wondered if there was a better way of reading the file than manually searching through a 10,000+ line file. Otherwise it's a great resource, though I hope it can be generated automatically.


At the top of the document it mentions that it’s in the TaskPaper format, so you could use that software to read a rendered version.

I'm definitely using TaskPaper on my machine to filter it, but any text editor that can filter away lines or sections containing @done will show the remaining surface.

Looks like there are plugins for VSCode which can display the list that allows for interactive editing and nice display.

A quick Google search shows, for example (not endorsing, just as an example that there are plugins out there):