Fluent mysql migrations nio error

flent migrations; "open(file:oFlag:mode:)"
when use function "try app.autoMigrate().wait()",then nio error , error code 2,message: "open(file:oFlag:mode:)";
what's happened?

On Linux errno 2 is ENOENT, meaning "No such file or directory". Seems like the migrations file is missing?

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i run this on mac,what should i do?

what should i do? this is running on macos now

So is it working now or not? If it's not, what does your migration look like, how are you adding it and how are you running the application etc?

just run
try app.autoMigrate().wait()
database use mysql,

How are you executing the binary though? Is this via the command line, Xcode, Docker etc

Can you provide the full error, a stack trace or screenshots etc


It may be due to the compilation of Xcode. When adding the middleware, the code was all real white without bright color. I deleted the middleware and wrote it again, and then it could be used normally

Your problem is in the console. It's failing to connect to an external host because it couldn't verify the certificate. I'm assuming you're running MySQL 8.0 as the database. There's currently a bug in the MySQL driver because of 8.0's authentication function. You can fix it by providing a TLSConfiguration to your database configuration and turning off certificate verification.

(If you're connecting to a remote service that's behind a TLS cert, you can import the cert of trust it using TLSConfiguration)

thank you,The problem was fixed by simply deleting the plug-in file and reediting it。

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