Fluent, Model, the ID property, and a Sendable warning

I've noticed a warning being kicked out when compiling my Model classes, for example:

Stored property '_id' of 'Sendable'-conforming class 'R2CombinedDiv' is mutable

...where the class is defined as:

final class R2CombinedDiv: Model {
  typealias IDValue = Int
  static let schema = "r2_combined_divs"

  @ID(custom: "combined_id", generatedBy: .user)
  var id: Int?

As I understand it, I need to define the ID property as optional so that Fluent can inflate it properly. So, I've been ignoring the warning for now, but I want to raise the question. Is this going to get dealt with somehow?

Actually, this is how Fluent deals with being Sendable conforming. You can check out the whole story here On Fluent Models and Sendable warnings | The Vapor Blog, but the TL;DR is you can safely use @unchecked Sendable on your model(s) to get rid of the warning