Filter array with another array

I would like to create a new array of strings that dont contain strings from another array. I have it working in the long form. But would like to learn a more Swift way of doing it
The return filteredList would be ["music", "unicorns rainbow walkers"]

let removelist : [String] = ["nerf", "magic beans"]
let originalList : [String] = ["nerf", "music", "unicorns rainbow walkers", "magic beans"]

// tried this but not exactly working
//let filtered = originalList.filter { $0.contains(where: { removelist.contains($0) }) }

// long way
var filtered : [String] = []

for i in 0..<originalList.count {
    var isOn = true
    for gg in 0..<removelist.count {
        if originalList[i].lowercased().contains(removelist[gg].lowercased()){
            //filtered = filtered.filter { $0.contains(where: { removelist.contains($0) }) }
            isOn = false
    if isOn == true {

Is order important? Set or OrderedSet work for this.

import struct Collections.OrderedSet

let removeList = ["nerf", "magic beans"]
let originalList = ["nerf", "music", "unicorns rainbow walkers", "magic beans"]

let removeSet = Set(removeList)
print(originalList.filter { !removeSet.contains($0) })
// '["music", "unicorns rainbow walkers"]'

FYI if removeList is truly known at compile time, it'd probably be better to initialize it as a set

Also, this will not necessarily preserve the order like @Jessy 's implementation


Both of these are perfect to me! Few lines and make sense. Order is not important as I sort them alphabetically after filtering them.
Thank you both!

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