February 19th, 2020


deployment guide

SSWG index scope and goals

SSWG periodic package review

  • package index is updated to reflect the new levels
  • APNSwift: @tanner0101 now an official maintainer who approves PRs, 0xTim seems interested in porting it to SwiftCrypto. Seems to be on track to move to the incubating fairly soon

SwiftPM Library

  • @Mordil was asking collaboration opportunities with the SSWG: January 23rd, 2020
  • Adding SSWG graduation level badges for SSWG approved packages would be neat.


  • @tanner0101 to update the SSWG on the state of the pitch

Docker images:


  • async context passing story is an issue right now which makes tracing hard
  • discussion around tracing in the Vapor Discord died out a little bit for the moment
  • @tomerd would be willing to work with folks that are passionate about tracing
  • @tanner to gauge the interest with the relevant folks from the Vapor Discord


  • @timburks had a look inside Google, lots of dependencies on the old version, might need a shim
  • unsure about what Lyft are doing
  • @tanner0101 tested the client functionality, looked good, commented in the forums
  • VOTE : unanimous to sandbox
  • CAVEAT: want an answer to if master will become the new, NIO based version leading 1.0.0
  • @tomerd to update index