February 17, 2021

Attendees: @graskind, @0xTim, @johannesweiss, @ktoso, @tomerd, @tachyonics, @varland, @kmahar

Action Items

  • @johannesweiss to make a PR to update the SSWG process for reporting security vulnerabilities to include reporting to new address: sswg-security-reports@forums.swift.org
  • @varland to coordinate having some guests from Amazon at an upcoming SSWG meeting to further discuss security vulnerability best practices.
  • Carry over: @0xTim to pitch MultiPartKit
  • Carry over: @ktoso to continue on log level guidance, WIP PR is here
  • Carry over: @johannesweiss to work on draft of SSWG 2020 summary/2021 goals post
  • @tachyonics / @varland to review Jan 6 and Jan 20 notes, and @johannesweiss and @tomerd to then publish them
  • @varland to discuss Swift images on Amazon ECR with folks at Amazon (see below)


Connection pools

  • MongoDB team will need a connection pool soon for driver rewrite in Swift
  • We discussed an SSWG connection pool project in the past, should we revisit?
  • Relevant discussion in Generic Connection Pool
  • Some use cases have a lot of specific needs that may be challenging to satisfy all of at once, e.g. MongoDB, SQLite
  • Risks of such a project: making it too generic to actually be useful, getting too much in the weeds of specific use cases. Is there enough in common in the center/across use cases to make this valuable?
  • Let's get everyone who is interested in this together. We will figure out async an upcoming SSWG meeting to bring in some guests to discuss: Cory (Apple), Patrick (MongoDB), Joannis (OpenKitten), Nathan (RediStack) (@0xTim can reach out to the latter two)

Swift images on Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

  • Should there be Swift images on Amazon ECR, rather than just on Docker?
  • This would make things easier for AWS users
  • Note it looks like there are already some images on there from a user: ECR Public Gallery

SwiftPM Extensible Build Tools Pitch

  • Thread: Pitch: SwiftPM Extensible Build Tools
  • This would enable performing a variety of custom actions during a build, for example codegen
  • Initial proposal is rather minimal but with ability for extensions later on
  • Would be great to get feedback from the SSWG and server-side community in general
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