Faster ways to run utils/update-checkout?

apologies for the very basic question, i’m just starting to get back into working with the compiler source after several years.

i’m currently getting stuck on the utils/update-checkout --clone step. at first i thought the script was hung, but after looking at the system monitor i realized the script really is downloading things over the network, and had been doing so for several hours. my guess is that some of the git repositories (icu, sourcekit-lsp, etc.) are just extremely large and take many hours to clone.

are there any settings i can use (shallow clone maybe?) to get the script to run faster?

I personally have started using the following: utils/update-checkout --clone --skip-repository icu --skip-repository wasi-libc as these 2 were the largest projects to clone causing a similar reaction wondering if the script got hung. These repositories aren't needed to build the compiler or stdlib on macOS for example. The story might be different on a different platform.


Yeah, I ran into the same issue while trying it on a Linux system and when I investigated the problem LLVM repo cloning was the issue