Faster Swift Downloads!

Swift download links have moved to a new location to provide faster download speeds! The toolchains will be hosted at, and it will use a similar pattern as the current URL. To use the new URL, replace with Starting Oct 26th 2021, the URLs will be redirected to the new sub domain.

Current URL:

New URL:

This is life-changing, thank you @mishal_shah!

I just compared the two download links: The new download completed in 2 minutes for me here in Tokyo, while the old one is at 9% and it'll take another 90minutes to complete.

This really helps and will help me not waste hours upon hours waiting for nightly toolchains, thank you :smiley:


This new site is blazingly fast! Just released swiftbox 0.13.1, and I can see a 10x download speed from the CI (3.12→38.4MB/s). A fresh Swift installation now takes only 41s, compared with 1m27s before.

However, I didn’t notice any improvement on downloading speed from China mainland. It’s a ~10KB/s experience from my desktop, which is even slower than before (~90KB/s).

I would expect such problem to be fixed. It seems to be related with the CDN or storage service. If solving it costs too high, I’d suggest providing a file-list and allow enterprises and institutes to set up their own mirrors.


Hello, do you have any good ideas about swift package? Pulling dependencies is slow.

Sorry if it's obvious but does this apply to Docker images too?

Docker images are pulled from DockerHub so this won't affect it


This has been updated, and all traffic from will be redirected to

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