Facing issue while using Module Map to expose objective c header files in swift

Hi All,

I am working on iOS SDK, In my project I have both objective c and swift files. So for this I have created a framework, in this I have used module map to expose objective C header files to Swift by importing that module map to swift files.


module MyModuleMap{
header “Calculate.h”
export *

//importing modulemap in swift

import MyModuleMap
Public class Simplify : NSObject {
Public var cal : Calculate?
Public var name : String?

Now, what is happening In my actual project in Objective-C generated interface header (just for ex :MyProject-swift.h) this module map got imported (@import MyProjectModuleMap;) like this and error is coming "module ‘MyModuleMap’ not found," but in my POC this issue is not coming and also in Objective-C generated interface header(ex: MyPOC-swift.h) module map(@import MyModuleMap)is not imported.

So, I am not able to figure out why this is happening in my actual project and not in my POC.
Please guide me if anyone have any idea regarding this issue, how I can get rid off this error.