"Extra argument in call" compiler error message when over the 10 limit of @ViewBuilder is not clear, anyway to improve it?

So I was presented with this compile error message at the bottom of my view when I added another item up top. I didn't not immediately realize what it was telling me. I don't think this error message is clear. Can it be something like "You are over the ten item limit of @ViewBuilder", letting me know exactly what the problem is?

Random thought, can you try Xcode 11.4 beta and see if the error message there is already better due to the new diagnostics system?

11.4 still shows the "Extra argument in call" error.

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Yes, as Jon said, I'm using 11.4 beta 2.

My confusion is I was changing quite a few things and thought the error was what I did elsewhere, which happens to be that last thing in my view. With the function builder syntax, my mind just don't looking at it as "call". It's a DSL, yes? I think this error message can be better stated...and maybe point the error at the container itself, and not at the last item.

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