Extended: SE-0413 Typed throws

The review period for SE-0413 was scheduled to end today. I am extending it for another week to allow discussion of a late-breaking modification suggested by @beccadax to allow explicit specification of what type may be thrown by a do block. The review period now runs through December 7.

The following post on the original thread links to the PR updating the proposal:

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to the review so far!


To save folks a few clicks, proposed syntax & discussion:

Proposal diff:

Thumbs up on the modification here, both the idea and the syntax.


+1 I think this change works well. The type of the error instance is farther away in terms of lines but the clarity of throws(ErrorType) makes that a non-issue for me.


Hi all, this is an announcement post; the review thread continues over in the original.

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