Expected to decode Array<Any> but found a dictionary instead.", underlyingError: nil

I come across the problem "Expected to decode Array but found a dictionary instead.", underlyingError: nil" when I try to decode a jason file. The following is my decode process!

Can someone give me some advice? It's urgent! Thanks!

What does JSON file look like?

From the URL in the screenshot:

  "data": {
    "url": "https://www.92degreescoffee.com/",
    "photo_url": null,
    "phone_number": null,
    "opening_hours": {
      "monday": "07:45 - 19:00",
      "tuesday": "07:45 - 19:00",
      "wednesday": "07:45 - 19:00",
      "thursday": "07:45 - 19:00",
      "friday": "07:45 - 19:00"
  "code": 1

Yeah, thanks! I'm new guy here and only 1 pic is allowed:sweat_smile:

Ok, the type doesn't match the data.


struct OpenHour: Decodable {
    var monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday: String?

struct ShopSpecific: Decodable {
    var url, photoUrl, phoneNumber: String?
    var openingHours: OpenHour

struct SpecificInfo: Decodable {
    var data: ShopSpecific, code: Int?

And you can do

decoder.keyDecodingStrategy = .convertFromSnakeCase

before decoding to eliminate snake naming.

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Specifically, the problem is that you have declared this:

var opening_hours: [openHour]

but the data doesn't have an array of openHour; it just has a single instance. You want this:

var opening_hours: openHour

Same things applies to \SpecificInfo.data as well.


you can put code in ```

like this

And it'll look

like this

It works! Thank you so much!

Yeah I get it and it works. Thank you so much!

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