Executing custom shell script from Build Tool Plugin using relative path

Is there any way to execute custom shell script through Build Tool Plugin for generating few source files?

Please note that I want to access the script through relative path as in my development environment I cannot refer absolute path to invoke the script.

So would avoid statements like this to obtain scriptPath:

struct FilesGenerationPlugin: BuildToolPlugin {
    func createBuildCommands(context: PluginContext, target: Target) async throws -> [Command] {
        let scriptPath = context.package.directory.appending(["..", "FilesGenerationPlugin", "bin", "FilesGeneration.sh"])

As of now I am getting following error:

/Users/jenkins/jenkins-root/workspace/MyAppUsingPlugin : No such file or directory

You should be able to just use scriptPath as the path for a build command. What issues are you seeing with this?

I just updated the description of my initial question with the error I am getting. Please have a look.

Note that in my case Jenkins does not expose any path below its working directory. So this is inaccessible:


But this can be accessed: