Evolving the Swift Workgroups

Today, the Swift Core Team is announcing forward-looking changes to the structure of Swift, the work, and the people around it. These changes include new groups, names, organization, and inclusion as a first-class concept for each group.

Please see the details on the Swift.org blog:

The Core Team shared these changes in draft form with members of the various Swift workgroups. I want to extend my appreciation to everyone who provided feedback!


The text says this:

The new Ecosystem Steering Group will focus on growing that support structure for Swift. It will support the evolution of developer and documentation tooling, the Swift.org website

But the graphic shows the Core team directly responsible for the website workgroup. Can you clarify that?

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Thanks, @Matt_McLaughlin, for pointing this out. This post when through many revisions as the Core Team considered the charter of the Ecosystem steering group. Somehow that text wasn't caught during the final editorial passes. I have removed that text.

We ultimately decided that the Core Team should oversee the website workgroup. The website is the central face of the entire project on the Internet including the language itself and the community and efforts that stem from that. The website workgroup will naturally interact with all the workgroups in some capacity, and the Core Team can provide a balanced steer over the shape and tone of the messaging on the website.


I’m a bit late here but there’s something else I’d like to clarify. The text says:

Each group will designate an individual to serve in the new, rotating role of a Diversity in Swift champion.

I assume the Core Team also counts as a “group” for this definition, and will also have a Diversity in Swift champion, correct?

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Yes, the Core Team will also have a Diversity in Swift champion.


Hope to see an official Swift AI workgroup in prospect as well :grinning:


Any update on the new Ecosystem Steering Group mentioned a couple months ago?

A follow-up announcement will provide additional details on the charter of the Ecosystem Steering Group, its scope and responsibilities. With its charter formalized, the new steering group will form an additional set of workgroups to drive specific initiatives within its charter. The Core Team will choose the inaugural members of the Ecosystem Steering Group.

This is top of mind for the core team, and we are actively working on this. A series of seasonally aligned vacations have (predictably) caused the core team to meet less frequently recently. Still, we're hopeful to have the new steering group figured out by mid-to-late August (if not earlier).