Escape hatch for rethrows diagnostic

This probably will be solved by the Typed throws, but for now I need some workaround with existing compiler:

func withoutAnimation<R>(_ body: () throws -> R) rethrows -> R {
    var result: Result<R, Error>?
    UIView.performWithoutAnimation {
        result = Result(catching: body)
    // ERROR: Call can throw, but the error is not handled; a function declared 'rethrows' may only throw if its parameter does
    return try result!.get()

One of the possible workarounds would be to create two overloads for this function and all the generic callers - one for throwing case, another for non-throwing. Any better ideas?

Could you inline Result(catching: body) and write the do/catch block explicitly?

This would not help - problem is with get, not with init.

In February 2018, @beccadax pitched to add an affordance into the language and/or standard library to opt out of the rethrows checks, but I don't think that went anywhere at the time: Pitch: `rethrows(unchecked)`

Around the same time, I wrote a blog post that illustrates a possible workaround Brent mentioned: A better NSManagedObjectContext​.performAndWait. Check out the "Outsmarting the type checker" section.

I don't know if this workaround still works or if it's even applicable to your problem, but it might be.

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