Error Compiling with custom swift 5.1.2 toolchain in Xcode


I clone and checkout everything related to SWIFT-5.1.2-RELEASE (./utils/update-checkout --clone --tag swift-5.1.2-RELEASE --scheme swift-5.1.2-RELEASE). After that, i generate the toolchain (./utils/build-toolchain BUILD_PREFIX) This took like 3 hours, when finalized i move the .toolchain into ~/Library/Developer/Toolchains and i selected it in xcode.

When i try to compile my project (on xcode with the new toolchain) i get the following:
In Frameworks/NewRelicAgent.framework/NewRelicAgent(, archive member '' with length 96528 is not mach-o or llvm bitcode for architecture x86_64
Do you know if i miss something when i build the toolchain?. this doesn't happen with the default xcodeToolchain.

Also, if i create a new xcode project and compile it with the custom toolchain, it will compile and run.


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