Enum comparison


  • I have 2 enums Shape and Vehicle as mentioned below


  1. How can I determine the boolean value if a certain instance of Vehicle is a car?
  2. I have implemented a function called isCar, just wondering if there is a better way to get the boolean value?
  3. Let me know if making it Equatable or any other way helps?

Note: Based on my requirement it needs to be a Bool because the function accepts only accepts a Bool

enum Shape {
    case circle
    case square
    case triangle

enum Vehicle {
    case car(Shape)
    case truck
    var isCar: Bool {
        if case .car = self {
            return true
        } else {
            return false

let v1 : Vehicle = .car(.circle)

let b1: Bool = v1.isCar //true

Currently what you do (or a very similar code with a switch instead of if) is the best way.

(Equatable could help if you cheat (e.g.: let isCar = vehicle != truck), but that's not good in general case (just consider you add another "case lorry" one day) so I won't bother.)


i almost never store Bools, if you need to encode that information, why not just pass around the original Vehicle instance?

let vehicleKind:Vehicle = v1 

if case .car(_) = vehicleKind 
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Thanks a lot @tera and @taylorswift

@taylorswift the reason I needed bool is because I was using it in SwiftUI in a function func disabled(_ disabled: Bool) -> some View