Enormous use of Memory for swift

Hi there!

Could anyone please explain what's going on with swift? It just halts my Mac with enormous Memory usage.
Here is a screenshot: https://monosnap.com/file/iok6JxukQONoC4JhTRnqRPpVfsTgjb

Thanks in advance.

Could you elaborate more on how you used it?

I do development for iOS and I just opened one of my projects, checked out latest changes and started developing modifying / deleting some of my own protocols.

Hmm, perhaps clean build could help?

that helped, thanks!

If you can reduce the project to a simple one that still exhibit the behavior, and file the bug-report, that'd be great!

I'm not promising, but I'll try to do that.
Also I was wrong that clean build helped me. it helped me only for a moment.

Since you're on macOS, you could try running sample swift > sample.log and share that as well, which might help in debugging the situation better.