.edgesIgnoringSafeArea() and ignoresSafeArea()

Hi guys. The question is kinda odd. But anyway, why did we get the method changed if it brings no new functionality ?
I mean I don't mind, I am just wondering.

I don’t know the actual motivation, but I’ll point out this quote from the API Design Guidelines.

Omit needless words. Every word in a name should convey salient information at the use site.
More words may be needed to clarify intent or disambiguate meaning, but those that are redundant with information the reader already possesses should be omitted. In particular, omit words that merely repeat type information.

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Changes to just a function/method name are pretty common. I've done it several times in my libraries.

I'll definitely read API Design Guidelines in the near future.
Thanks for the quotation.

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I believe the new api allows you to specify areas such as .keyboard, whereas the old API only allowed you to specify edges such as .bottom.

For example, this allows you to extend a view through the bottom bar safe area on a notched phone, while still moving it up if a keyboard appears.