Down sides of putting your entire app code on GitHub or GitLab?

I plan to be developing an app and putting all the code on GitHub and GitLab as my resume.

What might be the down sides of doing this?

Thank you.


I found the discussion in this recent episode of the Swift by Sundell podcast really interesting. Start at 46:19.

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Quinn β€œThe Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple


Thank you for the listen, @eskimo.

What I'm hearing is that someone could copy the code, change the name and then re-publish the app.

Whereas this activity serves as a resume of what I can do, this isn't a problem.

But for the small but hopeful chance that this project may be a commercial success, that could definitely be a problem.

I'm not sure what is being meant by "Publish the Underlying Logic" versus the whole app.

What I'm guessing is that I can divide the app into modules, like any good developer would do. And then upload the modules individually as my resume.

Is that what is meant by "Publish the underlying logic"?

(Apologies if this topic is only tangentially related to "Swift" as we are talking about "Swift" - maybe not the technical aspects of "how it works" but some larger questions of "what do to with it". Thank you for your forum flexibility.)


I’m reluctant to interpret other folks’s positions. I recommend that you reach out to those folks directly.

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Quinn β€œThe Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple