Doubt about Swift/C++ Interop project for GSoC2023

I'm interested in apply for the Swift/C++ Interop project [GSoC2023] and i have some questions regarding to this project.
I saw that there is already some Interop implementations for data structures between Swift and c++ std, and i wanted to know, is there some types from std that have a higher priority to be implemented as soon as possible?, and also, what is the "minimum" amount of proposals to add to the overlay (like std::queue) to apply?, with this last question I'm not saying that i only want to work for the "minimum", I just want to know if writing a single proposal for a type is "enough" for the pitch, for example, making a implementation for Interop between Swift Array and c++ std::vector.


We don't have specific restrictions on the minimum number of C++ types covered by the proposal. It's up to you to decide which std types are more likely to be used from Swift, and which can be skipped. If you have any thoughts on why you have chosen any specific C++ type as the "important" one, make sure you include those ideas in your proposal!

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