Does URL.query(percentEncoded:) calls under the hood?

I see that there is a known issue about to raise an EXC_BREAKPOINT crash on iOS 16.

I used Url.query(percentEncoded:) and it triggered a crash on iOS 16 but the exception is shown at instead of Url.query(). So, is there a chance that Url.query() calls under the hood?

I was able to resolve the crash by replacing Url.query(percentEncoded:) with the older API Url.query, but I don't understand that why would accessing the query would also access the host?

Here is the code snippet: (The crash is triggered on iOS 16)

let urlWithNoQuery = URL(string: "")!
    _ = urlWithNoQuery.query(percentEncoded: true)

I have created a single view app with only these two lines of code. As you can see that I have called URL.query(percentEncoded:), while the app crashes at Why does accessing the query crashes on accessing the host, when I am not even using anywhere.

Here is a simple View Controller for reference.