Documentation/tutorial for macOS

I'm new to swift, created FileMaker solutions for about 3 decades, tried (for several reason) to move to xojo - and became puzzled about changes there (almost all online-resources became out-dated, no longer helpful), although I created successfully some application with xojo

After the first step away from FileMaker to xojo, I got the gut feeling that a move to SwiftUI could be done (for me) - but I have problems finding a pure macOS doc or tutorial. All starts with iOS - and when stepping through the Apple tutorial, I got a bunch off errors, since I did not follow the first iOS steps. I solved that by following the iOS intro - but I wonder if there is any macOS tutorial available without producing errors after the first few steps (I was not able to set the schema, therefore a preview was not possible)

Thank You so much for any help!

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Welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately for macOS development, the majority of tutorials, both Apple-provided and otherwise, are indeed focused on iOS.

If you’re looking at SwiftUI, the learning curve is much the same, but there are a few APIs that are only available on one platform or the other.
While I wish more tutorials (especially Apple official) were available for macOS, I would still suggest following the Apple tutorials for iOS, since much is the same (unlike AppKit which has a much higher learning curve IMO), though you could at least run the app as an iOS app on the Mac (supposing you have an Apple silicon machine) instead of on a simulator or iOS device.

I think Hacking with Swift may have some macOS related SwiftUI tutorials.
Others may be able to point you to some more macOS-specific resources.

One other Apple resource that you may find helpful is the WWDC sample code, which has several SwiftUI apps for demonstration of the APIs, most of which IIRC are multi-platform.

Hope that helps!

P.S. For questions about Apple’s SDKs which are not directly related to the Swift language, it’s recommended to ask them on the Apple Developer forums instead, though people here may still be able to help you out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Swift here and someone should be able to answer!

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This one is quite good but at times relies on API that’s only available on Ventura.

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Thank You very much!

I am still (again) following the Apple tutorials - but it is quite hard since Apple wants the latest os - otherwise some methods won't work (and the error message is not very clear since one can read only that there is a problem with a parameter - the part about the os version was only visible after maximizing the window...)

(Apple wants macOS12, I got 11)

It can be a little tricky to complete the newer tutorials without the newer APIs. :sweat_smile:
Good news is that macOS 12 should be releasing soon, and does contain substantial improvements for SwiftUI for Mac development IIRC, like improved window management.
SwiftUI on macOS has stayed a little behind as they’ve filled out the APIs for iOS, but I think it has caught up a bit with macOS Ventura.

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