Documentation question for UnsafeMutablePointer

Why do we declare in the document comments of the initialization method of the UnsafeMutablePointer type that it "Create an immutable typed pointer"?

I am a little confused by the doc statement here.

Could you help check with it and maybe give some explanation here? Thanks @Alex_Martini


I'm not sure — the work I've done on "unsafe' docs was cleaning up some trailing whitespace and other minor wording fixes. It's possible this is just a copy/paste error from UnsafePointer to UnsafeMutablePointer.

Looking at Git blame, maybe @nnnnnnnn or @hamishknight can help with this? But it's probably not in anybody's recent memory, since changes to these docs and APIs are from 4 and 7 years ago.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is just an error.

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For folks following along, Kyle Ye's PR that fixes this copy/paste error was merged: