Document configuration options with docc

I have seen some apple documentation that document configuration options that can be added to plist, this one for example. The formatting of these documentation matches documenting other symbols with icons according to the type of configuration option.

I am providing some configuration options to a build tool plugin as part of my MetaCodable library and want to document those options. Is there any way I can achieve the same behaviour?

Hi Soumya -

I'm not sure I understood your question - is the heart of it something along the lines of "I have some configuration for my library that I store/use from a plist format. How can I get that documented, with some attempt at mirroring the way it's laid out in Apple's documentation?"

If so, I suspect the most expedient path would be to create pages that are the equivalent of articles for each Plist entry, matching the format by specifying things a bit manually. The reason is that underneath the covers, DocC works from a JSON symbol-graph that's exported from CLANG, with the primary set being what's provided out of Swift. When the DocC team added Objective-C support, they added a concept of "variants" to this data model - but at the heart of things, the symbol graphs are fundamentally information about classes, structs, functions, etc. (You can dig around in the data model looking in the project SymbolKit)

You could assuredly do something to convert your own Plists into a symbol graph, add them to the set used by DocC, but that flow going to be shimming in to some "weird spots" such that you'll need to know quite a bit about how the overall flow of things within DocC and it's conversion process work.

I suspect Apple has something that does a custom graph implementation from Plist (and the same with converting OpenAPI schema, based on their web framework documentation) - but those tools (to my knowledge) aren't publicly available.

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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for replying, To clarify, I have a build tool plugin that user can include in their targets. This build tool provides some customisation options that user can take advantage of by including a plist/json file in their target and providing these options. I want to document these options same as Apple has done.

I will have a look on SymbolKit if I can have what I want without the manual approach.

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