DocC's Documentation Preview resource limit for rendering?

Hi all,

I am writing a DocC article that includes assets rendered via a Resources/ directory. I have 24 assets in this directory that are roughly ~500kb in size. All are properly named {asset}@3x.png.

These assets have been rendering fine using the assistant editor's Documentation Preview pane. However, after awhile it stopped rendering new assets. After the 18th image it just stopped rendering them in the preview pane. I've tried deleting them and re-adding, renaming, etc.

I am curious, is there a resource size limit under the hood that the Documentation Preview pane adheres to to stop rendering images? I am unable to find any documentation within DocC regarding this so I'm not sure if it's a bug or not.

Xcode's DocC Documentation Preview is a private Xcode feature.

I suggest you file a issue via Feedback to Apple directly.

See related issue of Xcode Documentation Preview Support svg images in Xcode inline documentation · Issue #794 · apple/swift-docc · GitHub