DocC Interactive Tutorials - Generalized @Image rendering

The current use case (as I understand it) for the @Image directive is supplying images of a UI as it is rendered by a device.

My desired use case is more generalized in that I want to be able to display a supplementary diagram alongside a tutorial step that demonstrates some concept I'm attempting to convey.
Specifically, I'm working on a graph building library - so it's helpful to have images showing the state of the graph at each step in the tutorial.

The issue that I'm running into is that the images that I supply are all getting sized as though they were a device screenshot.

I'd like to be able to size these images more generally so that they are more visible.

As an aside, it would also be nice if clicking on the image in the would expand it to its original size.

This might be a good candidate for opening an issue on the swift-docc-render repository if the image resizing isn't behaving as you expect. I know there are limitations related to the way things get sized in that context due to the animations involved, but it would be good to capture more details to see if things could be improved to be more flexible for generic images.

I believe the UI element for the device "Preview" wrapping the image is only present when the @Image directive is embedded within a @Code directive like in this example, and you may have better results with a step that only contains the @Image directive in this case (similar to the more basic example here). In any case, I think it would help to create an issue with more details on the problem with your image dimensions to see if things can be improved.