DocC for Objective-C static library

I know with Xcode 14 there is support for Objective-C documentation in DocC. Is that only available for Objective-C code in an app project? I have a static library that is Objective-C only that I am trying to generate documentation for but nothing gets generated at all, trying to figure out what I am doing wrong to get this to generate correctly. I didn't see any build settings that stood out as a reason it wouldn't be generating, if I add a Swift file to the library it will generate documentation for the Swift file but still ignore the Objective-C code. Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated

Would you be able to file a feedback providing as many details about your project as you can? Also Objective-C support only extracts documentation from headers marked as public in the Xcode project, maybe this is what you are running into?

Yea I can file a feedback and provide a sample project I setup that demonstrates the issue. I don't believe the issue is with the headers not being public, I have tried both a static library and objective-c based SPM package with public (tested by importing and using them in a project) and they wont generate documentation so it seems like there may be an issue here, and I can't find any example projects showing the generation of objective-c documentation in either of these scenarios.

We haven't completed support for Objective-C in SPM. I will make a post once that work is complete.

Also found the same issue as the author described. I am in an SDK team building Swift/Objective-C libraries. For Objective-C projects the DocC on Xcode 14.1 generates nothing but API document on Swift based dependency. This is not related to public headers - we have extensive documents available on public headers, which can be shown correctly in Xcode -> Show Quick Help.

Looking forward to that. Most of my team's SDK projects (OC & Swift) are based on both SPM and CocoaPods. Currently OC projects cannot get the documentation from DocC.

Looking forward to your good news