Dictionary problem

Hello I'm new programming in Swift I found a base for a project that i have but I have this code of a Dictionary I think

 let quiz = [
    Cuestionamiento(q: "¿A qué te dedicas?", a1: "Soy una caricatura", a2: "Soy cantante", a3: "Soy actor"),
    Cuestionamiento(q: "¿Eres hombre o mujer", a1: "Soy un animal", a2: "Soy mujer", a3: "Soy hombre"),
    Cuestionamiento(q: "¿De que color es tu cabello?", a1: "Plumas amarillas", a2: "Castaña clara", a3: "Güero"),
    Cuestionamiento(q: "¿En donde naciste?", a1: "No lo se", a2: "En México", a3: "en USA"),
    Cuestionamiento(q: "¿Cuál es tu comida favorita?", a1: "Alpiste", a2: "Cualquier cosa vegetariana", a3: "Pizza")

But I can't figured out how to access to an specific value for example "q" on the first row is ¿A que te dedicas?. but i can't find the code to get it.

I tried quiz.[0].["q"] quiz.[0,"q"]

but i can't find the way

Hope you can help me

quiz is not a Dictionary. It is an Array. First you subscript into the array, then you access a property of the Cuestionamiento using dot notation.