Dflat v0.4.0

This has been a while in making. See the full release note: Release v0.4.0 · liuliu/dflat · GitHub


  • Can generate compatible code with Apollo GraphQL. Thus, a Dflat object can be generated based on GraphQL schema and persisted into Dflat. This is not using Dflat as persistence middleware for Apollo. Rather, just a way to convert your wire object (GraphQL) into database object (Dflat). See examples in dflat/src/graphql/tests at unstable · liuliu/dflat · GitHub
  • Introduced a new WorkspaceDictionary that is persisted. Can be a quick replacement for NSUserDefaults. I will do more write-up on why and benefits of WorkspaceDictionary over NSUserDefaults. There are more works to be done in this regard: dflat/WORKLOG.md at unstable · liuliu/dflat · GitHub

There are some other niceties introduced in this release, originated from my daily usages in iOS apps and Linux development :slight_smile:

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