Develop in Swift AP CS Principles (Answer Key)

Hello world!

I'm very new to programming and found that Apple had this free programming tool and book (book name: Develop in Swift AP CS Principles) I'm enjoying the learning materials but am having a difficult time because I'm not really sure if I'm doing everything right. I was just wondering if there was an answer key to the workbook that I can go to check and make sure I'm doing everything correct.

Are you referring to the "Develop in Swift App Design workbook"? What are you working/stuck on?

You can download the student source materials linked in the book. You can also download the teacher's guide version of the same book and get the teacher's guide resources.

I don't think there is an answer key for the workbook but you can compare your work and understanding as you progress through the book using the teacher's guide.

I'm also working through the Develop in Swift books by Apple. Send me a message if you need help.