Derived Data Folder: CMake, Compiler, LLVM, and Cmark

Hello, Im running into a lot of build failures relating to cmake files, and my builds run very slowly. To resolve these cmake problems, I often have to just rerun a clean build, which takes about 3 hours, and regular release builds have consistently been taking between one and two hours, regardless of what changes I make to the Swift compiler project. I know that someone once told me that removing multiple instances of the same derived data for Xcode projects sometimes helps to limit errors after changing branches and rebasing (which I have been doing a lot), but I'm not sure about derived data that relate to cmake, the compiler, llvm, or cmark. Can I delete repeated instances of cmake, compiler, llvm, or cmake derived data in my derived data folder? Do you think doing so will fix any issues I've been running into? The image below shows all of the repeated derived data that shows up in my derived data folder as of right now that relate to cmake, compiler, llvm, and cmark:

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