Swift mail service will be turned off on April 22, 2020. All active email lists will be migrated over to We have already migrated archived emails from to when we introduced Swift forums. Unfortunately, the forums post linking will be unreachable after April 22, 2020.

Email addresses migrating to


Thanks for the heads-up. I have to say I would have appreciated a little more advance warning time than one day. I spent several hours yesterday manually migrating ~150 old links to, both on my public website and in my private notes. And I was lucky to notice this post in time.

I'm wondering if there is any chance to preserve existing URLs to We don't need an active Mailman installation, of course, but a static copy of the mailing list archives that preserves the existing URLs would be really useful. (Or a redirect to the new links at, though I assume this would be difficult.)

According to my GitHub search, the apple/swift-evolution repository alone contains 196 links to posts. These links often provide important context to old SE proposals (e.g. acceptance/rejection rationales, or links to the discussion threads).

And as far as I know, there's no easy way to derive the corresponding URL from a URL, so many (most?) of these links will be really hard to fix once the maling list archives are taken down.

I don't know how Mailman stores its archives. If the archives are already a bunch of static HTML pages, have you considered keeping just the archives online? If Mailman generates the archives dynamically, have you considered creating a mirror (using wget or something) of the archive pages and hosting the mirror at the existing URLs?


I found this quote in a Mailman 2 to 3 migration guide:

If you need your URLs for Mailman 2 archives to work, you can keep the HTML files generated for the archives around and your web server configuration for the archives intact

This suggests that Mailman 2 does indeed generate static HTML files for its archives. I'd love it if you could keep these files online under their existing URLs so we don't break thousands of old links.


We will look into this before shutting down server. Thanks!

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