Dependant binary package framework being incorrectly copied to a plugin's framework folder

I have an SPM package that is dependant on a 3rd party binary package ("MSAL", "GitHub - AzureAD/microsoft-authentication-library-for-objc: Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for iOS and macOS).

The framework that gets built for my package is used by my main app and a few appex plugins on iOS.

In the plugins' "Frameworks and Libraries" sections in Xcode I add my package as "Do Not Embed", since it is already embedded in the main app.

When I archive my app and upload to App Store I get validation errors such as this:

It seems that the build system is copying my package's dependant binary frameworks into each appex's "Frameworks" folder, which is obvious a daft thing for Xcode to do as it's never been allowed to have a Frameworks folder in an iOS sub-bundle. It knows not to copy the other frameworks it builds, only this specific one.

Surely if a top-level package is set to "Do Not Embed" it is implied that none of its dependants should either.

Is this expected behaviour or an edge case that was never considered.

I can workaround it in the project by adding a User Script to delete these unwanted Frameworks folders.

(Xcode 3.2.1 BTW)