[Demo Code of Vapor v4+] Image processing: upload, store download

I'm a professional Swift coder, Vapor Neophyte.
I'm trying to learn how to upload & download an arbitrary image.
I'm using Vapor v4.77 (Concurrency).
I need complete demo code to piece the parts into a cohesive whole to understand.
Reference, info is greatly appreciated.

For downloading an image you can use Vapor's stream API

You have a number of options for uploading, but the efficient way is to stream it to a file as that doesn't load the whole thing into memory. There's an example in Vapor:

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I have piecemeal code snippets, most are dated (pre-Vapor v4.7).
Most of the tutorials merely cover introductory text like ‘Hello World.’

I want to get an in-depth grasp of working with binaries (images) and forms between Vapor and the UI.

Thanks for the lead.
I’ll study it.

~ Ric.

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