[Deferred to later in Swift 3] SE-0083: Remove bridging conversion behavior from dynamic casts

Proposal Link: swift-evolution/0083-remove-bridging-from-dynamic-casts.md at master · apple/swift-evolution · GitHub

The review of "SE-0083: Remove bridging conversion behavior from dynamic casts" ran from May 10…16, 2016. The proposal has been *deferred* for re-evaluation later in Swift 3.

The core team and much of the community would like to get the predictability wins of this proposal. However, recent experience with the fallout of "SE-0072: Fully eliminate implicit bridging conversions from Swift” has raised some concerns that it may have overly harmed Objective-C APIs designed around the “id” type. Joe Groff will be investigating a few ideas that may help make SE-0072 work better in practice, and until they are explored and understood, the core team prefers to defer discussion on SE-0083.

Once we have clarity on the fate of SE-0072 (in the next 3-6 weeks), we can discuss SE-0083 again. Thank you to Joe Groff for this proposal, and also for helping to sort out the issues related to SE-0072.