December 9, 2020


New meeting time

We need a new time. The biggest extremes are London and Japan. We propose 9pm Wednesday in London which is 6am Thursday in Japan. This works for everyone on the call but we need to confirm with @tachyonics.


Updates from @ktoso:


  • async/await
    • proposal is currently in review
    • this will have an impact on library maintainers as APIs should be async/await
    • support for converting between an EventLoopFuture and an async return value will be straightforward

Action Items

  • @tachyonics Confirm if proposed meeting time above (8am Thursday for you) works
  • @tomerd to reschedule the meeting, pending Simon's confirmation that this time is OK
  • @tomerd to put together an announcement to the community about new SSWG members
  • @kmahar to publish 10/28 notes
  • @johannesweiss to then publish 11/11 notes
  • @tomerd to then publish 11/25 notes
  • Carry over from 11/11: @johannesweiss to look into status of Swift Authentication pitch
  • Carry over from 11/11: @tomerd to contact Rosetta and Docker to see if more can be found out about both ARM based docker and the possibility of running x64 emulated docker on Apple Silicon.
  • @graskind will pick up getting the SQLite and MySQL libraries into the SSWG process.
  • Action item for all of @server-work-group: discuss 2021 goals next time when we have the whole group.
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