December 7th, 2022

This was a relatively small meeting since folks traveling to the server side swift conference :slight_smile:

Present: @ktoso @FranzBusch @adam-fowler @patrick @davmoser


Carry overs

  • @tomerd continuing work on getting community survey published
  • @graskind - Fluent code generation
  • @adam-fowler working on Self hosting VSCode swift dev-container template
    • have a template set up
    • asked MS if looks fine
    • we must have a github action though
      • there is a process outside github actions
  • @0xTim - working with Canonical Swift to bring author to an SSWG meeting. May not happen before Server-Side Swift Conf now
  • @FranzBusch to start a thread with a list of things missing from Swift on the server, once he has access to the SSWG forums area.
  • @ktoso to review and test out Swift plugin for API Gateway.
  • all SSWG to review/respond on distributed actors cluster proposal thread if you have input.
    • pending approval thread that Kaitlin will do
  • @0xTim to file issues in swift-docc repo around features Vapor would need to fully adopt it
    • not sure if done


  • @tomerd and @patrick to work out moving Swiftly to swift-server org and getting CI setup
    • waiting on patrik to give the go-ahead, after some last polish

New topics

  • @FranzBusch are you using CPU use from inside your application?
    • so that the metric is specific to given app, not overall system load
    • everyone: not really, just system metrics
    • Franz may look into this a bit more
  • @FranzBusch change to SPM was merged; we now can Vend binary artifact bundles as products.
    • spm target that is backed by a binary; so we can vend protoc now :party:
  • @FranzBusch ServiceLifecycle thoughts, we likely want to discuss it after Cory's conference talk is publicly available and write a follow up blog