Dec 13th, 2018

[SSWG] December 13th, 2018


Adding new members

published the group membership clause, shared with community and interested parties

Pitches & Proposals

Docker: @IanPartridge migrated source from the community project to the the apple repo, and announced. next steps include setting up CI to build and publish the image, create 18.04::4.2 image and start planning 5.0 support

Logging proposal is ready, @johannesweiss putting finishing touches and will publish this week (published under since)

HTTP Client made good progress on design/direction, @tanner0101 and @johannesweiss to follow up on the thread

Postgres Client @tanner0101 working on it, prefers to wait for nio v2 and resolution on

Prometheus: needs further review, and set the ground for a generic metrics API/facade before going into concrete implementations