Debug Swift source code tutorial

I'm not sure.

Can someone help me?
I want to debug how does the Swift works inside. But I can't understand actually what I have to do.

What I really did?

  1. GitHub - apple/swift: The Swift Programming Language I've read the documentation.
  2. Downloaded and installed the latest beta XCode 10
  3. used utils/build-script --debug to create build directory with a built content inside.
  4. Created a toolchain ./utils/build-toolchain $TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX
  5. Used untar
  6. Selected the toolchain inside XCode (latest beta)
  7. Created a simple macos console project.

So, does the debug symbols are inside swift-LOCAL-2018-09-12-a-osx-symbols.tar.gz are only the profile?
Could you explain how can I use your code to debug ObjC/ObjC++/C++ code?


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